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15/11/2017 04:00
Αγώνας Market Σημείο Απόδοση Stake
Edmonton Oilers v Vegas Golden Knights Αποδόσεις αγώνα 2 3.160 3000

Edmonton Oilers vs Vegas Golden Knights Tip Analysis


Vegas Golden Knights- second in the Pacific Division- present them selves in the game against Edmonton Oilers with a record of 10-5-1,as the best one thus far in the NHL History ! Won against Winnipeg Jets with 5-2 and they are now facing Edmonton Oilers the team of Connor McDavid, the centerman who can keep the center and the team in high level performance.
Edmonton Oilers can win this tonight but for me it takes more than being the team with the perfect balance lines and the good offensive behaviour. To me ,such games are decided - apart from power play - by the will ,the passion and the audacity a team will show in the game.
Jon Merrill will play this one for the Knights and his team will have an aditional help tonight ,as i do believe he can do right and he can do a lot of damage while having James Neal to back up him today

This oen will be a game for more than 6.5 goals and to me this is indeed a value bet.
Forget a minute about Trophies and awards and think about the odds.
To bet let's say 1000 to one of 1.65 is something that requires skill and experience so as not to lose the capital and be embarrassed by betting such a big steak in such a small quote.

Such bets ,as this one ,no matter the odds and the final outcome are really worth to be placed not only because of the excellent fee but also due to the capacity of the team one supports to win.

For me Vegas Golden Knights are not just some fee to increase my income. To me they are a team that have good possibilities to win here.

So no matter if they lose by 3 goals or so, that is the difference between a value bet and a sudden one (bet ) just to win or to be better to whom you do not know.

My final bet goes for the Vegas Golden Knights ( 4-6 ) As they do have the skills and the audacity to win against Oilers.

BET For Vegas Golden Knights Μοναδική προσφορά* για τα μέλη *Ισχύουν Όροι και προυποθέσεις

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